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On-camera host, producer, writer, and content management expert Andrea Rene has a wealth of knowledge in the production of original content, content management, and creative development. As a part of her well-known podcast, What’s Good Games, which is produced by her media firm of the same name, she offers analysis about video games.

Video games are Andrea Rene’s passion.

The award-winning journalist Andrea Rene, who was born in Fargo, North Dakota, is an expert in gaming media. Before deciding to work in the entertainment sector, she traveled to Los Angeles after finishing her studies in Minnesota.

Career launch

Before transitioning to the video game business, Andrea Rene began her career as a reporter, doing several celebrity interviews. She maintains secrecy in her personal life.

History of dating

Although her dating history is unknown, she has been said to have dated a number of gaming enthusiasts.

The television host of famous gaming programs is a well-known aspect of the entertainment nerd. Her prior positions include presenting the Nintendo World Championships and directing Facebook Gaming’s Live Studio at E3. She has recently worked as a panel moderator for Square Enix, Ubisoft, and WB.


Additionally, she moderates GameStop TV at shops all throughout the country. She has authored unique scripted material for several gaming websites and is also an author.

A freelance producer, host, and writer, Andrea Rene is well-known in the video gaming business.

She currently resides in San Francisco and may be seen on GameStop TV in every state. Additionally, she is the host of the video game analysis podcast What’s Good Games. Additionally, she is the host of the video game commentary program Geek Game Type, which airs on the TV channels of more than 4,000 Gamestop retail stores.

Andrea is a digital media producer, on-camera reporter, host, entertainment nerd, and video game writer in addition to being both. She not only plays video games but also presents and dissects podcasts on happenings in the industry. She has interviewed celebrities and been on several red carpet premieres.

Her activities have included moderating panels at trade exhibitions, reviewing business news, and anchoring the television program Race Across America. Among her other endeavors are her online video game reviews and her weekly podcast, What’s Good Games.

She is a fan of the arts.

If you enjoy video games, you’ve undoubtedly listened to Andrea Rene’s weekly podcast about them. She covers everything, including video game releases, eSports, adult websites, new game releases, and studio purchases. She also discusses the top eSports teams, and what works and what doesn’t, in order to convey her passion for video games. You will definitely want to download the game or listen to the podcast after seeing this episode of What’s Good Games.

College coursework left Andrea with little free time to play video games. She gave up gaming as a result and turned her attention to other activities. She went back to it after graduating and dove right into the Xbox 360 generation.


Currently, she resides in Tarzana, California. By 2022, her net worth is anticipated to range from $1 million to $5 million. Andrea is on track to accomplish her objective of becoming a media figure, even if she hasn’t yet revealed her income.

While many people like watching Andrea Rene’s television and internet programs, not everyone shares her enthusiasm for video gaming. She is a multi-talented artist who gained notoriety via her work as a talk show host, travel host, and host of dating game shows. But she has a position among her colleague’s thanks to her work in the video game business. Andrea, who is referred to as the “geek girl of video games,” has also collaborated with

ABC, too. She has also generated dynamic gaming material and improved her writing abilities for video games.

Andrea Rene has hosted the Nintendo World Championships and has been featured on VICE News. Additionally, she contributed to YouTube Live during E3 2017. She has already contributed to the live YouTube stage. And despite her evident success in the entertainment sector, she isn’t satisfied with being only an enthusiast in the field. She is a real gamer and an enthusiastic video game fan.

A TV host

Andrea Rene, who was born in Fargo, North Dakota, relocated to Minneapolis as a youngster. She used to be a reporter who conducted celebrity interviews. She ultimately made the decision to pursue a career in the gambling sector. She hasn’t talked about her dating life publicly since. She isn’t dating right now.

We anticipate hearing more about her soon! The following information about Andrea Rene is fascinating:

Andrea Rene, a self-described entertainment nerd, and video game lover has experience in media creation, gaming, and the video game business. She has created video games for a variety of venues, such as GameStop TV, Yahoo Esports, and VICE News. She has further starred on Spike TV, DC All Access, and ABC.

Every week, her podcast What’s Good Games offers an analysis of video games.

Andrea Rene originally entered the video game business on a professional level in 2008 after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper for a reporter covering E3. She seized the opportunity and was given a free press pass! She continued to work as an independent digital content developer even after COVID-19 was shut down. Greg Miller, who referred to her as “The Busiest Lady in The Business,” praised her achievements.

She has anchored Escapist News, Smosh Games, and Clevver Games.

American television personality and producer Andrea Rene. She has worked with GameStop, Xbox, and GameTrailers among other media projects, and she has a long history in the industry. Together with Geoff Keighley, she also created The Bonus Round for GameTrailers. Most notably, Andrea Rene has been in charge of production and programming for Smosh Games and Escapist News. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Minnesota. After finishing her education, she relocated to Los Angeles.

In 1983, Andrea Rene was born in North Dakota. Andrea Rene went to Minneapolis and then Los Angeles when she was growing up.

She has interviewed famous people such as Anthony Hopkins, Hilary Swank, and Jerry Seinfeld throughout her time as a reporter for several news organizations. She has been highlighted on a variety of media platforms, such as Machinima and Escapist News.


And Rene has experience in a variety of media projects and has tested video games. She has also covered several red carpet premieres and competed in video game tournaments. Andrea Rene is a gamer’s advocate in addition to her employment in the gaming industry. She has hosted well-known gaming events and appeared on several video game channels. Additionally, she has been on GameStop TV. Her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million.

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