Beyerdynamic launches gaming headphones, microphone sale

Beyerdynamic launches gaming headphones, microphone sale
Gamers and streamers who want to become professionals and build up a community base may start with whatever headset they have lying around at home, but eventually, viewers will expect high levels of interaction and crisp, clear audio.

At this stage, gamers, streamers, and content creators — whether on YouTube, Twitch, or another platform — will need to invest in a professional-grade kit.

However, buying these items can seriously hurt your wallet. With this in mind, we’ve kept an eye out for decent deals for the streaming community, and today, we have one for you.

Beyerdynamic has existing sales on a range of headphones, earbuds, and microphones. Among these sales are $120 (40% off) a pair of TYGR 300 R gaming headphones, now available for $179, and $60 (40%) off a FOX studio microphone, with a price drop of $149 to $89.

However, if you purchase the TYGR 300R headphones and FOX studio microphone bundle — coming in at $268 together — beyerdynamic will give you a further discount of $39, or close to 15%. Overall, you will then pay $229 for both items.

Made in Germany, the TYGR 300R headphones are open-backed and have been designed with materials including acoustic fleece to provide professional and immersive sound for gaming. The reported frequency response is 5 – 35,000Hz with a nominal sound pressure level of 96 dB.

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The FOX studio microphone is a USB-connected mic for professional use. You can expect 24-bit, 96kHz quality with a frequency response of 20 – 20,000Hz.

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If you’re interested, the organization also has a range of other bundles and sales available which can be accessed in the Beyerdynamic deal section.

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