FeetFinder Review: Is it Legit and can you make money from it?

You have certainly read about the online reviews of Feetfinder. is a site that helps people to sell their feet pics online.

 many people are selling their feet pics because the selling of the feet pics can be beneficial.

It is a money-making way and can be fun

 It also shows your creativity. this is a type of work from home and a chance to meet fascinating people and also a chance to attach with other foot models.

 A woman has made $70,000 per year by selling her foot pics.

These videos start revolving around my TikTok and I like it very much.

Take some pics of your feet and pop up on the internet and people are making money, 

How is it possible?

I was confused so I decided to research it.

 But the first time, I failed. Here is how it went…

  • 1 started selling feet pics
  • 2 which websites I join
  • 3 experience in the case study
  • 4 where i can sell feet pics online
  • 5 Instagram
  • 6 twitter
  • 7 install feet
  • 8. feet finder
  • 9 how we can take a picture of our feet

 First joined social media.

Created feet account on all renowned social media like Instagram.TikTok fortifies.

I was trying to determine whether these websites felt fraudulent or legitimate.

Enrolled in a couple.

registered for an OnlyFans account and uploaded some photos.

I would interact with the accounts every day after everything was set up, follow accounts that were relevant, communicate with people, leave comments, etc.

Make careful you don’t have your account banned if you choose to do this yourself because some social networks don’t like this type of content.

This subject appears to be well-liked on Twitter. “Feet photos Twitter” has a lot of accounts and postings, which I found.

Within two days, I had a couple of requests for exclusive foot photos.

If you’re wondering how quickly things would take off and how to sell feet images, it happened for me really quickly.

A beautiful cell phone, cash up front, an allowance, and other things were all given to me. In addition to some of the gifts mentioned above, one person offered $2,000 each week and the other offered $1,200 per week.

When I raved about all of this to my best friend over the phone at that time, she was in complete shock.

where i can sell feet pics online

Here is a list of some of the top websites for selling pictures of feet, including Feetfinder reviews, Feetify, and social networking platforms like Instagram. Look into it.

 1 Feetfinder

2 Fun with Feet

3  Feetify

4 Instagram

5 Twitter

6  Instafeet

How we can take a picture of our feet

You can take photos of your feet yourself or ask a friend to do so. I completed both!

I started by taking a quick photo of my foot with my phone’s camera. Since it was impossible to take images of the soles, I hired someone to do it for me.No specialized tools are required. Most people have sophisticated cell phones that are capable of taking high-quality pictures.

Consider factors like appropriate lighting, perspective, and pose just like when taking selfies or images of yourself since you want your feet shots to be as attractive to potential customers as possible. In this craft, use caution. You might receive a hefty reward.

What qualities are customers seeking in feet content?

What are consumers seeking?

 everyone is different. I don’t think I have pretty feet, even with a pedicure though a Pedi does help. sometimes the buyer likes ugly feet, and sometimes attractive feet. Some the buyers like soft-looking or nail-polishing feet and others do not. It just depends on the mood of the buyer.

Does it make financial sense to sell photos of your feet?

some people say yes.  The sincerity is, selling feet images can be very good money. I’ve seen a number of social media movers talk about generating tens of thousands of dollars without showing their faces, only selling feet pics.

  It’s like being a model and if you’re not down with the industry and want to be nameless, it will be difficult for friends and family to recognize your foot online if they happen to come across anything about feet on the website you’re visiting.

Promotions and marketing.

Marketing and promoting your content plays a great role in the sales that you can get on the platform. While FeetFinder does marketing and promoting for you, you can sell photos if you do marketing for your new business.

Connecting with the site’s buyers is one of the top methods to generate sales on the platform, according to FeetFinder.It’s very important to chat about what they are looking for when they buy feet pictures.

feet finders reviews

Once your FeetFinder account reaches $30, rewards start to come in once a week. Depending on where you live, the payment will be made either by Segpay or Paxum.

Additionally, keep in mind that FeetFinder deducts 20% of all of your platform earnings.

FeetFinder Evaluations

On Trustpilot, there are more than 2000 evaluations of FeetFinder and its service. Many users of Trustpilot laud the company’s outstanding customer service. View some of the new vendors’ reviews below.

What does FeetFinder Premium cost?

Currently, a monthly subscription to FeetFinder Premium costs $14.99, or $29.99 for a yearly subscription. The entry-level package costs $4.99 monthly or $14.99 annually.


general questions about selling foot pics You’re looking online and scanning info about selling feet pictures. Here are some of the most general questions about selling foot pics people have.

is feet finder a legit website?

there is a common question is feet finder a legit site? The small answer is “Yes” it is legit and a method for people looking to sell feet pictures to make money. This site has a 4.9 seller rating on Trustpilot and many reviews directly from sellers.

From the reviews, we can say sellers are paid on time, but keep in mind that FeetFinder takes 20% of your earnings for the work. FeetFinder is known for its great customer service that helps people when they are creating accounts on the platform.

How Does FeetFinder Work?

it takes at least 5 minutes to sign-up process for the FeetFinderand. sellers are ID verified before they can complete the sign-up procedure.  The confirmation helps to make sure that all details that will be given to buyers will come from actual people. Buyers will then have the choice to buy photos and videos from sellers. Once an offer is offered by the buyer, the seller can choose to accept or reject the appeal.     FeetFinder blurs the sellers’ feet images on the platform but allows the buyers to see a display of the feet images. This method helps the sellers get paid, and the buyers get what they pay for without any questions.

How much money can you make on Feetfinder?

The average price for a photo is reportedly $22, while the average price for a video is reported $19. Additionally, the Direct FeetFinder blog claims that foot models on the website have made over $30k from selling foot pictures.

There are many people who earn a great livelihood doing this side but a large bit of earning money on FeetFinder has to do with the following things.

The quality of your photos and videos

The quality of your photos and videos will help you to the sale of your feet pics, keep in mind that to take high-standard photos that aren’t blurry. You can take photos on your iPhone or Android phone, which are both great for taking great-quality photos and videos. I stay connected

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts on the Review of FeetFinder

FeetFinder can be a fantastic alternative for you if you want to investigate a website where you can sell pictures of your feet. We covered all you need to know about FeetFinder before creating an account.

Currently receiving positive feedback on Trustpilot, many customers of FeetFinder have praised their exceptional customer service.

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