OLM to PST Converter Review with Complete Details

If you want to know about the OLM to PST Converter software, then this article is for you; in this article, I will discuss in detail about this converter software. The Software of OLM converter is the most advanced and the latest conversion software; by using this software, we can convert the MBOX files into the PST format. This software has been very official for us.

You may need to migrate your emails from many of your clients to Outlook, and then for you, the right software is MBOX.

OLM to PST Converter

If you need to convert OLM to PST, MSG (Message), and the EML file formats, then the Staller converter for OLM software is for you. This software is mainly recommended by Administrators and Techies worldwide. The OLM to PST converter tool offers 100% precision and the maintenance of your mailbox integrity.

How to use the Stellar Converter for the OLM Works

Firstly, you should install the software into your Windows (computer or laptop) and then go to the start menu and launch the software. You can even throw it from the desktop by clicking on its icon. Also, there are some steps you should follow to use the Stellar Converter for OLM Works.

Step 1;

Firstly, when you open the Stellar software on your screen, you can see the home screen of the Stellar Converter for OLM. “Browse” or “Find” to select the Mailbox software provides you the two options to convert what you wish.

Step 2;

Of the selected Mailbox, the software starts scanning.

Step 3;

To be converted for the Mac OLM file mailbox components Preview of Outlook.

Step 4;

Into the desired format, save the converter OLM file- PST, MSG, or EML.

Step 5;

You can save the converted OLM file into the existing Outlook profile appends or into the new Outlook PST file or append.

Step 6;

To the converted PST file, the software is saving.

Step 7;

At the desired location, the selected Mailbox has been saved.

If you want to use it, you must have 2 GB of minimum memory, but it recommended 4 GB and a hard disk of the 250 MB of free Space.

When do you need to use the Stellar Converter for OLM?

You need to use the stellar converter for OLM for three main reasons.

  • Want to migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?
  • Need to transfer Mac Outlook data to Office 365?
  • Need Mac Outlook emails in PDF or HTML format?

Discuss some of the critical features of the OLM to PST converter

Of the Converted OLM Mailbox items free preview

In a three-pane window of individual mailbox components, by displaying a free preview of converted mail items, the software helps you to verify the accuracy. Selected the OLM filename the lest pane displays and in a tree structure its mail its. You can view the interface in the middle pane of the converted OLM email the least.

  • Smart Saving Options

Using the OLM to PST converter, you can convert the OLM to PST and other file formats, like EML and MSG. As PST, when saving a converted OLM mailbox, you must append the data into the existing PST or save it in a completely new PST. When you are using this software, it can also provide you the options in which you filter the scanned results.

  • Live Software Updates

Using the Staller Converter software for OLM gets timely updates to the desired utility to consistently deliver effectiveness and overall performance. And if you need the updates of the minor software ten, it’s available free of cost on it, except for the significant updates that require registration.

  • Stellar Converter for OLM technicians

If you want to use the more extensive features, then you can use the Stealer OLM to PST converter for this also, such as in the many of the file formats save the OLM file and also have the ability to convert.

By using the Stellar Converter for OLM, how can I Export OLM to PST?

  • To explore the OLM file, click the “Convert” button once you have selected it.
  • Of the converted Mailbox, check the preview.
  • Click on the “Save Converted File” button, and to the file option, select “PST.”
  • Next, from the following screen, “Save File,” either select the check box “for individual PST Save each mailbox” “in a single PST all Mailbox” or, as required, “Append Data into Existing Profile/PST file.
  • On the Browser button, select the Browse button, and to export the OLM File to PST, click the “OK” button.

By using this software, can I convert many of the mailboxes at the same time?

Yes, however, a single OLM file by the Mailbox should be to PST, Office 365, or any other required format for converting then for the OLM by using the Stellar Converter.

Does the Stellar OLM to PST converter support the latest Windows OS, Outlook, and Office 365 environment?

Yes, with Windows 10, 8, 8, 1, 7, and Vista, the OLM and PST converter tools are compatible with both the Standard and the Technician versions. So with 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2007 versions, the OLM converter software editions support Outlook. However, in the Technician’s performances, the features to export the OLM file to OFFICE 365 are supported.


This software is beneficial for you if you want to use this software for your business or any administration and techies worldwide if you need to convert the OLM to PST. It is also an award-winning software. It is advantageous if you want to convert emails to Outlook and for all types of email clients. As per the requirements for technical and non-technical users, it’s the perfect software. You also use its free version to test the software and its functionality. Million so many people are using this software, and Millions of Users also trust this software. If you want to use this app, you should use it without any worries because it’s secure and 100% Safe.

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