Theorem and Residual Arcane Warframe Use in 2022


Theorem and Residual Arcane

On November 19, 2020, Theorem and Residual Arcanes were both released. Warframe has undergone many adjustments since the introduction of these Arcanes in version 29.5. The Theorem Arcane Warframe shares many of the same faults that the Residual Arcane Warframe did when they were initially released.

We’ll talk about if Theorem and Residual Arcanes are still useful in 2022 in this essay. The Residual Arcanes will also be listed, and their usefulness will be ranked. Read this article all the way through before maximizing your rank. Find out more about Warframe crossplay.

Arcane enhancements: what are they?

Arcane Enhancements, or simply Arcanes, are unique kinds of artifacts that bestow bonuses on particular equipment after completing certain requirements in a task. Arcanes come in a wide variety of sorts, each with a specific set of objects they can be used on. Arcanes can be freely installed by players, and they are not destroyed when removed or replaced.

Players can also rank up their arcane by using and eliminating identical duplicates that are unranked. Your arcane spells’ effects grow as you advance in rank. Players require one more arcane per rank-up than they had previously, and an arcane’s maximum rank depends on its nature.

Theorem Arcanes and Residual Arcanes are introduced.

Theorem Arcanes and Residual Arcanes are both Arcanes Enhancements, as we have previously stated, and both of them were introduced in Update 29.5, which was released on November 19, 2020. The Residual Arcanes are for Kitgun Arcanes, whereas Theorem Arcanes are for Warframe Arcanes.

Theorem Contagion, Theorem Demulcent, and Theorem Infection are the three distinct sets of arcane that makeup Theorem Arcanes. The zoning effect is present in all Theorem Arcane. Additionally, these arcane can be found in the Arcana Isolation Vaults, Entrati structures constructed deep within Deimos.

Residual Boils, Residual Malodor, Residual Shock, and Residual Viremia are the four distinct arcades that make up the Residual Arcanes. These Arcanes are also available to players in Arcana Isolation Vaults. Residual Viremia does 40 poison damage, Residual Shock deals 200 electricity damage, Residual Shock deals 80 heat damage, and Residual Malodor deals cold damage.

Should You Use Residual Arcanes and Theorems?

No, you shouldn’t employ these theorems and residual arcane in 2022, if you want to hear the truth. Both Theorem and Residual Arcanes had many flaws and were terrible. However, once various improvements and issues were resolved, arcades were not as effective against high-level foes as they were against low-level enemies.

After working hard to max out their Theorem and Residual Arcane, many players were moderately enraged to discover that they were ineffective against high-level monsters. Theorem Arcanes are not all that horrible, but there are several other Arcanes that are more potent. Therefore, if you wish to max out Residual Arcanes and Theorem. It won’t work against foes with high ranks.


Theorem and Residual Arcanes have been covered in this article, along with their utility in 2022. We hope you found this article useful and that it helped you save a lot of time. Although Theorem and Residual Arcanes are not inherently evil Arcanes, they are just useless. High-level adversaries already have a lot of better alternatives than them. But there’s still reason for optimism because if Theorem and Residual Arcanes get some upgrades, they might start to make sense to use.

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