What is the GBC Business Group?

Garland, Texas-based GBC Business Group Inc. is a business registered with the state of Texas. The business is almost ten years old and was established on June 13, 2012, according to its registration. Gbc Company Group Inc’s status is Active, according to the Texas business registration.

A community website for small companies is called the GBC Business Group.

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An international coalition of federations and companies is known as the GBC Business Group. Their goal is to raise the standards of education throughout the world and realize the full potential of the future generation. The group promotes striking a balance between economic and public health issues.

Members of the GBC have opposed import and export limitations on pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and food items. They appeal to the G20’s top officials to guarantee the restoration of foreign travel in safety. They think that these kinds of international partnerships will encourage innovation and propel prosperity.

315 N Greenville Ave, Garland, Texas 75002 is the company’s registered Texas address. Although The GBC Business Group is not fake, a complaint could be worthwhile. It’s significant to note that this business is embroiled in various legal disputes. The Global Business Coalition has also charged the organization for intimidating and extorting people.

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The business offers physical and online services. Additionally, the business has the power to alter the format of publications. The GBC business group has a sizable portfolio of foreign investments. Meaning “group of all groupings,” its name.

Concerns regarding the legitimacy of debts and allegations of harassment are among the grievances made against GB Collects. GBC demanded tangible verification of a debt that one complainant didn’t owe in a letter that he received. He insisted that it be physically checked and said that he had paid all of the bills in full.

The business declined to give it to you. But the business still bothers the plaintiff. Ultimately, the Better Business Bureau has been notified of the complaint.

GB Business Group’s activities

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There are more than 200 members of this international organization worldwide, including Fortune 500 corporations. The organization wants to raise educational standards throughout the world and allow for the development of future generations.

It is a premier learning consortium for this purpose. Additionally, this group offers information on its employees and legal issues. In other words, it enables business leaders to improve decisions and raise profits.

BBB for GBC Business Group

The GB Collects, LLC firm set up a profile page on the Better Business Bureau in 2004.

The business is a collection agency, and the BBB lists it as such.

The estimated annual revenue is $4 million.

Its headquarters, where 45 people are employed, focus on commercial customers.

Although it has experience in many other industries, it is most recognized for its emphasis on commercial accounts.

Numerous complaints have been made regarding the company, with the majority alleging issues with the debt’s veracity and harassment.

In one of the complaints made against GB Collects, it is claimed that despite the complainant having paid his bills and having full coverage for two months, the firm failed to give tangible evidence of a debt. Even though the complaint had not owed them any money, the firm persisted in harassing him.

Reviews for GBC Business Group

For many businesses, the GBC business group serves as a research and investment hub. The business was founded in 2001 and is still running today. They make investments in a wide range of industries, including finance, education, and healthcare.

Their goal is to aid in the global fight against illnesses like AIDS and HIV. Along with investing in several companies, GBC also offers a variety of unique services to customers. You can find unique services that you can utilize to enhance your life as well as a guide to the business.

The Global Business Group attempts to bring about change by experimenting with fresh concepts and putting them to use in solving current issues. By utilizing the strength of cross-sector knowledge, this organization, which is distinctive in its makeup, structure, and design, drives change at the highest levels. Whether you’re a first-time business owner or an established expert, GBC business group evaluations can assist you in identifying the finest choice for your enterprise.

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Garland, Texas is home to the professional services company GBC Business Group. The business was founded on June 13, 2012. Mazhar U. Khan is the only representative of the business. The agent may be reached at 315 N Greenville Ave. The firm has a single director, and the owner’s email address is provided as the point of contact. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against GBC Business Group.

Several issues arise when a member of GBC. Joining a business when there is no demand for your product or service is not a wise choice. It might not be necessary, and there may be no means to get it there. Even if the firm may be owned by a businessman, executives should avoid it.

Another issue against GBC relates to intimidation and disputes regarding the legitimacy of the debt. GB Collects contacted the complaint in February 2019. The complainant disagreed with the GBC agent’s claim that he owed the business money from a year and a half prior and filed the complaint. The business keeps bothering him despite the fact that they lack evidence to support their allegation.

Business Group GBC Jessica

The name Jessica refers to the “collection of groupings.” Customers receive the greatest services from the business. Both online and offline sources offer this service. One of the top businesses in the construction sector is Jessica. They are the biggest in the sector and have holdings in several multinational corporations. The word “group of groups” in Latin is whence the firm gets its name. They are able to give their clients customized maps based on their requirements.

This group has several different employers and numerous distinguishing qualities. They have offices worldwide, including the USA, UK, and Italy, as well as in Korea, Japan, China, and the USA. The business is also committed to investigating and creating treatments for the worst diseases in the world.

This organization supports those suffering from AIDS, HIV, and other illnesses. They are dedicated to altering the method of therapy and finding a remedy for these illnesses.

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A collection company called GB Collects, LLC was established in 2001. The company’s profile was published by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2004. The organization has 45 employees at its headquarters and focuses on commercial account recovery. Regardless of the field, the company is in—healthcare, technology, retail, etc.—GBC will be able to modify its services to meet the demands of its customers. Here is the profile page for the BBB.

Conflicts concerning the veracity of the debt and allegations of harassment have been leveled against GB Collects. The complainant claims that he was sent a letter by GBC asserting that he owed them money for an insurance charge that he had canceled more than a year and a half earlier. The complainant asked to see a copy of the hospital bill to verify the debt since she was skeptical of it.

Objections of GB Collects

Debt validity disputes and harassment allegations are among the most frequent grievances made against GB Collects. The complainant claimed that he got a letter from GBC asserting its ownership of debt that it claimed to have accrued around a year and a half earlier. He said that he had paid all fees and demanded tangible evidence of the obligation. The complainant complained to GB Collects after being unable to get this proof.

GB Collects contacted the complaint in February 2019. The GBC representative allegedly called about an unpaid account. The complainant insisted that he had canceled his coverage prior to the agent’s contact, though. In order to confirm that he was no longer receiving phone calls from GBC, he got in touch with the Better Business Bureau and completed Form 1095-A. Many state consumer protection organizations have referred to GBC as a collection agency.

Numerous complaints have been made against debt collection firms, however, the majority of them are unprofessional and false. Collection companies still employ unethical methods despite the Fair Debt Collection Actions Act (FDCPA) being implemented in 1977 to outlaw such practices.

A collection account will reduce a consumer’s credit score and make it more difficult for them to get additional credit lines in the future. Missed payments will lower the credit score and make it more difficult to get authorized for new credit, despite the fact that they may seem like a minor annoyance.

Abuse of a complaint by GB Collects

A dispute concerning the legitimacy of the debt is the subject of one complaint against GB Collects, and other complaints are based on claims of harassment. In one instance, GBC sent a letter to the complaint informing him that he owed money for an insurance bill from a year and a half before. The complainant claimed that he had paid all costs and canceled the insurance coverage before February 2019.

To solve these circumstances, there are two potential solutions. The corporation might be the subject of a lawsuit that you first initiate, which could lead to a judgment. If you prevail, you may get compensation of up to $1,000 for each FDCPA violation in addition to attorney expenses and court costs.

Second, you can request that the court strike any adverse information from your credit report. Third, a debt collector may not threaten to garnish your pay in certain situations. Therefore, before registering with a debt collecting agency, be careful to verify your state’s regulations.

You can also hire a reputable credit repair business to contest the inaccurate information on your credit report.

With the aid of these firms, millions of individuals have successfully deleted unfavorable things from their credit reports. You can dispute the collection account and get it removed from your credit report with the assistance of a reputable credit repair firm. Additionally, you can seek assistance from the FTC.

You can dispute the bad entry on your credit report and register a complaint against GB Collects with the aid of a professional firm.

The complainant lost his job and discontinued his insurance throughout this process. In spite of this, GBC persisted in bothering him and steadfastly resisted offering any evidence of his obligation. The corporation did not reply when the plaintiff eventually filed a complaint. It is now evident that GBC is harassing people in violation of the law.

By harassing a complainant in this manner, GBC is obviously breaking the law. Although it is unfair, there is definitely a case to look into.

The marketing plan of GB Collects

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has listed GBC Business Group (GB Collects), a debt collection service, since 2004. At its headquarters, the business has 45 employees and a wide range of collection alternatives, including commercial accounts. Consumers have complained to the corporation about its collection strategies, including how it broke the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The firm has defended itself, however, by asserting that it is a legal enterprise and that the data is used for data collecting.

According to a recent lawsuit, GB Collects allegedly utilized harassment to coerce individuals into paying their debts. One such lawsuit mentions the disputed legality of the debt and claims of harassment. A letter from GBC was received by the complaint, requesting tangible evidence of a debt that had been settled two months before.

He denied it and asked to see the evidence in person. He had a credit history because he had paid his bills on time and was insured.

Concerns over their rights are valid concerns for consumers. Although the FTC has created regulations that forbid collection agencies from using unethical methods, some businesses nonetheless use unethical strategies. Despite the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA1977 )’s passage, many collection agencies continue to operate today.

Many collection agencies continue to employ unethical methods despite the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) being implemented in 1977.

Each year, the FTC gets hundreds of complaints about debt-collecting companies. This is a major problem for customers since repeated missed payments can harm a person’s credit score and limit their ability to obtain new credit.

Another crucial component of GB Collects’ marketing plan is funding. The business is financed in a number of ways. The Federal Trade Commission, a government agency, provides the nonprofit organization with the majority of its financing.

This money assists in supporting its operations even though it is insufficient to meet its expenses. Additionally, the group can contact as many individuals as possible thanks to its website and social media profiles.


What is the work of GBC Business Group?

In essence, it’s a professional services company that frees up business owners to concentrate on their strongest areas. It provides a range of services to assist businesses of all sizes in streamlining their daily operations. The company can assist any corporation in thriving, whether it needs technology solutions or expert business procedures.

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A community website for nearby companies is called The GBC Business Group.

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