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Businesspally inkle Pinterest Marketing for more Website Traffic


Pinterest marketing is one of the most powerful platforms.

More and more platforms have been used for marketing purposes in recent years.

And yet some manage to stand out and hit the nerve of the times.

The reason why the platform is particularly suitable for marketing purposes lies in its structure as an image search engine.

In contrast to text, images arouse emotions and arouse curiosity, says Techpally magazine boss.

Posts can achieve high reach on Pinterest, which in turn leads to high website traffic.

Not only that, but the primarily young target group also makes Pinterest a marketing tool that you should definitely use.

What makes the platform different from classic social networks, how best to reach your target group, and why sometimes you don’t need a budget to generate a large reach, we’ll tell you in the article about Pinterest Marketing.

How Pinterest Differs from Classic Social Networks

Even though Pinterest is called a social network, you can’t compare it to Facebook or Instagram.

In classic social networks, the focus is on interaction. Users comment, discuss, and get in direct contact via messages or pictures.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is an image search engine.

According to business ally, It serves millions of users as a source of inspiration.

Users don’t have to search on Pinterest to find the platform, because they can also use Google image search in the SERPs themselves, Pinterest is being displayed more and more frequently.

While Facebook, Instagram, and Co. mainly follow friends and acquaintances, Pinterest focuses more on subject areas than on individual channels.

Whether inspiration for your next trip or tips for a healthier life – the topics and formats on Pinterest are diverse.

The Relevance of Pinterest for Online Marketing

If these reasons for using Pinterest for marketing purposes are not enough: Pinterest is sustainable.

The home page is not structured chronologically, but thematically. Because users are proactively searching for topics, a pin can still reach you after several months or even years.

Especially with pins on seasonal topics, which are repeated at regular intervals and periodically record peaks in demand, the reach increases over time and grows with them.

On Facebook or Instagram, on the other hand, the high frequency of posts and the linear structure of the start page ensure that the reach of a post has reached its peak after just a few hours and is no longer interesting for users after a few days at the latest.

Pinterest as a source of inspiration

Pinterest users are still at the very beginning of the sales funnel, that’s according to businesspally.

Unlike Google, where transactional keywords are often searched for, the image search engine is used for inspiration.

Users want to be guided. This is the best time to present your topics and get users excited about your product or service.

There are no thematic limits when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

However, so-called Pinterest makes forecasts about how the image search engine will work every year.

This list is published by Pinterest itself at the end of each year and provides a good overview of what trends to expect.

Particularly exciting: Here you can not only filter by category but also which trends are expected for the individual target groups.


A picture speaks louder than text and is worth more than a thousand words. Since Pinterest is based on infographics, people stick better.

Pinterest marketing is therefore essential in promoting your brand and getting your products and services in the minds of people.

Pinterest marketing is not the same as most other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram that’s near to it.

With the above-mentioned tips shared in this article, I’m sure you now understand how to explore Pinterest’s social media platform to market your brand and business.

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