The Latest Monday Software vs Confluence Software Functions

Monday software has been supporting 152,000 clients around the globe ever since its conception. It aims to provide management tools to collaborative teams such as sales, developers, IT, PMO, and HR. Confluence has been running successfully since 2004, and it is ideal for teams such as finance, IT, legal, HR, software, and operations. This is a thorough guide to different functions that make Monday software vs Confluence software stand out.  

Monday Software has remarkable features such as: 

Visual Boards 

Monday integrates visual boards, i.e., Kanban and Gantt. The Kanban board can be utilized to collaborate with stakeholders, customize tasks, and integrate useful tools for a dashboard that your project requires. Kanban can further automate mundane tasks, track project development, and track backlogs.  

On the other hand, Gantt employs integral functions, and you are able to check milestones and set dependencies. If you have been keeping data on Excel sheets, Gantt can be used to integrate them into your Monday workflow.  

Task Automation 

It is easy to revolutionize old ways of working and keeping up with long email chains. You can automate tasks, so there is no need to conduct meetings for small details. The automation can be customized to fit your project.  

Dashboards software has custom dashboards for an accessible bird’s eye view. This feature can be used to quickly assess the progress of the project as well as check the upcoming work schedule.  

Moreover, you can assess the data and assign tasks based on that information. In fact, you are able to prioritize tasks and check what your team members are up to. In other words, this function centralizes your remote workspace and brings all the information to one platform.  

4. Document Management  

An influential way to stay in touch during collaborative work is through real-time editing. Monday software provides team members access to edit and comment while they are working together.  

Moreover, a single document can be used to keep up with checklists so that projects can move in the right direction smoothly. 

Monday Pricing 

Monday software is able to accommodate five different plans for payment. For new users, the free plan is ideal as it is equipped with a myriad of management tools such as unlimited boards and docs, and up to 200 templates to choose from. The basic plan costs $8, the standard is priced at $10, and the pro is listed at $16. Each pricing plan upgrades the features and includes a wider range of features than the previous. With the basic plan, you can have unlimited free viewers and even 5GB of storage. Meanwhile, the standard plan has guest access in addition to an increased amount of automation. The enterprise plan, lastly, is able to provide enterprise-grade automation, a higher level of governance, tailored onboarding, and multi-level permissions. You can generate a private quote by getting in touch with the staff through their website. demo can be requested through the platform, and it gives you the opportunity to get in touch with a consultant who will show you which features are best suited for your business.  

Confluence Software  

The following are some of the brilliant functions of Confluence project management: 

Collaborative Tools 

It is important that you are able to organize data in one place. Usually, team members have to refer to other software and apps while they are working. Monday resolves the query as you can foster all your team’s knowledge by importing it to one platform and allowing access to different team members.  

Two other features that improve teamwork are actionable notes and project plans. This dynamic work system enhances overall productivity too. Confluence functions like a modern intranet where users are encouraged to stay connected, share feedback and updates, and strengthen company culture.  

Templates Library 

A lot of time is usually wasted when you are giving shape to a new project. Confluence features an array of templates like business status updates, vision to values, and an annual place one-pager. If your focus is project planning, you can browse the library for brainstorming, retrospective, and master project documentation.  

The templates library is neatly divided into focus groups such as product management, sales, software development, and marketing.  

Company-Wide Scaling  

Confluence project management is able to provide enterprise-grade security that is GDPR and Privacy-Shield compliant. You can ensure that your data is encrypted with SOC2, SOC3, PCI DSS, and other integrations. The other two features included for increased security are Atlassian Access and Confluence Cloud Premium.  

They enforced two-step verification as well as using automated user provisioning. Lastly, Cloud Premium provides analytics-driven insights, unlimited storage, advanced admin controls, and 24/7 premium support. 

Shared Information  

Since you want to keep everyone on board, the information needs to be shared with the team. However, you can control permissions and limit access so that only certain members can view and edit. This lets you share information without compromising sensitive data.  

There are announcement blogs where the entire team can come together to share their ideas and feedback as well. This feature can enhance the culture of inclusivity and encourage diversity across the board.  

Confluence Pricing 

Confluence software has four different options for its users. However, if you are just getting started, the free plan has sufficient tools. On the other hand, the standard plan costs $5 for each user and has an upgraded feature list. Comparatively, the third and premium plan is billed for $10, and it is naturally able to inculcate a wider range of functions and enhanced security. The enterprise plan with centralized per-user licensing and IP allow-siting can be availed through a request form.  

In order to learn more about the software, the Confluence demo is easily accessible through a link on their website.  

 In a nutshell, Monday software vs Confluence software can be a tough decision to make as they are both competitive systems to organize your workload. Each has been able to provide reliable solutions to companies of all sizes with its unique ensemble of robust functions. 

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